Our Cloud Network

Gem Cloud Network Map

The Gem Accounts Cloud Network is based on clustered cloud computing which enables us to provide the fastest, most reliable, fault tolerant software solution available.


Increased Stability & Reliability

In the event that a server fails within our cloud, our load balancers will automatically detect the failure and send traffic to the fastest available server. This means even when a web server is down, your Gem Accounts software will continue to work.

Premium Data Centres

Worldwide coverage - Gem is hosted and provisioned via a diverse range of interconnected data centres in the US, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Resilient power and cooling systems, State-of-the-art data and building security, fire protection systems and 24-hour operational controls ensure that our facilities are well monitored, managed and maintained.

Daily software, client, and data backups are automated and stored both onsite and offsite to ensure data redundancy and security.

Blazing Fast

It's common to see server loads in a single-server environment affect every customer due to a few users - whether this is legitimate traffic or malicious.

With our clustered cloud technology, we're able to distribute traffic to several dozen servers to handle the traffic versus just a single-server. When we feel that our cloud needs more power, we simply add another server on-the-fly - without the need for downtime or outages.

Simply put - Cloud Hosting is faster, more secure and more reliable compared to standard application hosting. Our goal is to ensure your Gem Accounts software loads fast and stays fast - blazing fast! Using only the latest hardware and technology allows us to take a few steps ahead of the competition in terms of performance and yet provides an afforable solution at the same time.