Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data secure?

We take your data security seriously. The Gem network uses SSL encryption to secure data between you and our servers. All of our internal systems also use SSL encryption to secure their communications. Our databases also use encryption for storage of both data and backups.

SSL encryption is the same type and level of encryption used by banks and payment service to provide absolute security to transacted information.

Having your accounting and transaction stored with Gem is far safer than the traditional means of onsite software which could be accessed or stolen from your premises - and also gives you access to our industry leading backup and redundancy services at no extra cost.

What backup systems does Gem use?

Gem has a stringent policy around data security and integrity. We run a number of failsafe backup systems that take both on the fly transaction backups as well as full daily snapshot backups of every client database. These are then stored both locally and offsite. We also employ Amazons Premium Backup Storage services to keep an additional encrypted copy of all backups which are populated to all Amazon data centres globally.

Do I have access to backup my data?

At Gem we believe not only that every client should understand their accounting and financial data ownership rights but that they should have complete and unfettered access to their data at any time.

Your data is YOUR DATA.

As such we provide a full database export feature that means you can backup/copy/export your entire database and download it in a matter of seconds for absolute peace of mind.

How can I move from another accounting software platform?

We provide an easy to use range of data import features to suit most popular accounting software such as MYOB, Quickbooks, Sage and Xero.

In most cases a move to Gem can take as little as 10 minutes once your data is exported from your old accounting software. Unlike other cloud accounting products we can also import old transaction data so that you can move to Gem at any time during your financial year or quarter. 

Is there a minimum contract period for a Gem subscription?

No. We don’t believe in lock-in contracts at Gem as it can stifle client support and product development. We believe that if we do a good job and keep you happy you will continue your subscription; that is our focus.

Pricing for Gem can be found on the pricing page - all pricing is per month.

Are there any limits to the number of users that can access Gem?

No. Gem has unlimited user per entity.

Does my subscription include multiple companies?

That depends on your structure. If you run multi divisions, branches, or departments under the one business number or tax number then yes that is included. If they are run as a true separate entity with a different business number or tax number then that will require you to have either an SME or MME Gem subscription. These subscriptions allow up to 3 and 6 companies respectively.

Can I enter real data into my trial account?

Yes. Your trial account is exclusive to you and is a live system. So if you continue to use Gem beyond your trial it will have all the information and setup that you had input and created during the trial.

What happens if my trial ends and at a later stage I want to continue using Gem and the data & setup that I had created?

At the end of your trial we will disable the ability to continue to add data or run reports, but for an additional 30 days you will be able to log in and have `read only’ access. You will also be able to activate your account by subscribing; this will then give you full access to your account and all history.

What happens to my setup and data if I don’t subscribe?

You will be given an additional 30 days from the conclusion of your trial to make a subscription to activate your account. If you don’t do this within the 30 days from the end of your trial then we will delete the account and all its content.

When does the billing commence if I sign up during the 30 day trial?

If you activate your account with payment details during your 30 day trial we will not charge you until the end of the 30 day trial program.