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Security, performance, and reliability of a world class cloud accounting product.

Cloud Accounting Software Security

Gem Accounts prides itself on providing customers with the security, performance, and reliability of a world class cloud accounting product whilst being price competitive and providing you the best available security. We take the responsibility of hosting your data very seriously and as such all data transmission is encrypted between the user and their PC or tablet and the server at the internet banking standard of 256 bit.

Gem is hosted in a world class Cloud environment which is accredited to PCI DSS, ISO27001, and ISAE 3402 Type II SOC 1 standards, ensuring our applications are secured by the best processes and technologies. On top of this we log all user activity and traffic and this is heuristically pro-actively monitored to ensure integrity of data and user access.

Gem Accounts is hosted across five data centers world wide ensuring we are able to accommodate traffic and internet issues without compromising users access to our systems. This was done with an architecture that includes full redundancy and load balancing - allowing front end web services to redirect your session to the database with the least traffic whilst retaining a 'hot' connection to another web service and database to seamlessly switch you across if the need arises.

Our security regimes include a range of automated, manual, penetration, injection and brute force tests that are run monthly across all parts of the Gem Accounts network - from application to mail servers (and everything in between) to ensure we maintain maximum application and data integrity.
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