Tour: Stock & Inventory

A feature rich stock and inventory management module beyond compare.

Cloud Accounting Software Stock & Inventory

Gem provides the ability to manage inventory including stock levels, stock values, and reorder times on a per item basis. This is a complete stock & inventory system with many added features often only seen in dedicated inventory software - and never before seen in cloud accounting.

The Stock & Inventory modules in Gem include setting up of items to stock, sell and purchase. Four different types of items are available: Parts, Services, Assemblies, and Labor / Overheads. We support multiple pricing models including markup and fixed sell pricing along with a range of discounting options applicable to groups of customers or on a per customer basis.

Gem Accounts stock and inventory management module also includes real time access to view stock levels and requirements along with a number of customer and vendor centric reports to drill into stock usage and profiling.

This combined with serialised stock, multiple warehouse configuration, the added freight and weight metrics, additional stock information categories such as barcodes and handling of multiple make / model / vendor combinations make this the most complete stock and inventory currently available in the cloud.
Cloud Accounting Software Stock Management