Tour: Secure your Data

Gem Accounts founding principal - your data is YOUR DATA.

Cloud Accounting Software Backups

We also believe that unlike other cloud accounting products that you should have access to all your data at anytime - so we provide a full range data export facilities including a full company file export.

Our data export will allow you to export all your data from our system in a number of formats. Should you be wanting to back this up for your own piece of mind, use the data for data mining, or even move to another software product our export gives you the flexibility and peace of mind.

At Gem we are dedicated to ensuring your data is fully protected - not just protected from security issues but also protected from infrastructure failures and data integrity issues.

That’s why we run our cloud accounting platform on fully mirrored & redundant systems - which means that your data is never just in a single database. These multiple versions of your live database are also backed up every 24 hours and replicated into multiple backup silos to provide the ultimate in disaster recovery protection.
Cloud Accounting Software Redundancy