Tour: Payroll and Imports

The additional features in Gem Accounts make it a complete solution.

Cloud Accounting Software Payroll

Gem Accounts features a simplified payroll system designed to meet the needs of most businesses. Configure payment types, entitlements, deductions, taxes, and accruals for leave etc... Build employees payroll around a range of wage types and then have complete freedom in running payroll for staff at your chosen intervals.

The payroll module features a range of reports to help you manage payroll and track entitlements and leave. Employee cards also feature a quick reference entitlement tally for employees.

Moving from another accounting system can be a daunting prospect for some users. Gem includes a range of import tools to enable a pain free move. Import your customers, vendors, parts and chart of accounts for an easy migration and a fresh start.

You can also import invoices and and sales orders if you are looking to do a more complete move and take existing transactions with you. All of the import tools work with a range of import types to suit most other accounting software.
Cloud Accounting Software Import & Export