Tour: Financial Reporting

Gem Accounts provides a comprehensive suite of reports that delivers the information you need fast.

Cloud Accounting Software Financial Reports

Gem Accounts includes a complete range of both financial and business reports. Standardised financial reports are designed to meet accounting requirements and standards.

Each report can be configured to suit your requirements and are designed to run quickly - using the power of the cloud - so no more waiting around for that report to run. Choose the report, select your options, and report in real time. Gem sets the benchmark in cloud accounting report speed.

Gem Accounts gives you a great insight into all parts of your accounts through quick and easy rendering of your chart of accounts (including real time balances) along with our blazing fast general ledger reports.

The Gem Accounts consolidation reports for multi-company setups allow you to run reports across multiple Gem Accounts company files. So if your organisation is made up of a group of entities, each can operate separately but reporting can be done across the group as needed. Inter company transactions can also be filtered for maximum reporting flexibility along with setting a default currency and rate for single currency comparisons.
Cloud Accounting Software General Ledger