Tour: Cash Management

Managing your payments has never been this easy.

Cloud Accounting Software Cash Management

Gem Accounts cash management features include processing of payments and receipts along with FX adjustments and cash reconciliation. Efficiently manage cash transactions including deposits, charges, payment fees, bank interest and fees, and transfers between bank accounts.

Payments and receipts can be processed individually or as a group - and allocated to client accounts and invoices within a single process.

The Gem Account cash management toolset is built to serve you in todays global environment. Gem Accounts allows you to handle cash receipts, invoices and credit notes in any number of different currencies. Gem Accounts can then accrue gains and losses on currency exchanges when applying payments and receipts to invoices and orders.

Using the Gem Accounts API - integrators and clients alike can build extensive integrations that can also automate processing of accounting transactions from other third party cloud products and sites.
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