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From vendor quote to payment - track your expenses easily from quote to receipt.

Cloud Accounting Software Accounts Payable

Gem Accounts features a full workflow for your accounts payable - use as much or little of the workflow as you require. Gem also provides real time views of your businesses payable commitments though a range of customisable reports.

Gem Accounts features extensive drill down capabilities - track transactions step by step back. For audit and compliance requirements Gem Accounts provides a full history of your accounts for the life of the account - so at any point you can access transactions from previous years in a matter of seconds. No more backing up, holding, and having to open prior years accounting files - it's all stored in the Gem Accounts Cloud.

Track invoiced items easily by linking invoice items to their related receipts of services, inventory items, or fixed assets. Improve invoice tracking for projects by linking invoice items to projects and display summaries of expenses incurred on a project basis.

Pay any number of invoices with a single payment or pay a single invoice. Define, establish and automate pre-defined vendor terms such as payment terms, discounts, and general ledger accounts. Gem Accounts also provides a payment export tool so that you can process payments in Gem and then simply upload a payment file to your bank to have the transactions completed.
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