Tour: A Global Platform

Run a small business or a global empire with Gem Accounts - Gem is built for business in any country.

Cloud Accounting Software Setup and Tax

Many accounting software packages claim to work in multiple countries, so here are some of the points that will showcase Gem’s international flavour.

Gem Supports:

• IFRS & IAS compliance
• 40 country specific Charts of Accounts (coming soon to your country)
• Supports AUS and NZ GST, US GAAP, French GAAP and Swedish BAS
• GIFI codes
• Distributed worldwide cloud to ensure great connectivity no matter where you are located
• Language packs which include localised accounting terminology
• Multi-Currency including FX gain and loss processing

Managing multiple currencies through Gem Accounts is simple and intuitive.

Invoices and cash receipts can be processed in their natural currencies. Gem Accounts allows you to maintain an unlimited number of currencies and allows you to handle cash receipts, invoices and credit notes in different currencies. Gem Accounts can then accrue gains and losses on currency exchanges when applying payments and receipts to invoices and orders.

The Gem Accounts cloud accounting software has been designed with your business and it's need to customise invoice, receipts and reports to your companies standard look and feel with our inbuilt template editor. Templates are stored in simple HTML which makes customisation a breeze for most.
Cloud Accounting Software Invoices and Receipts