Cloud Accounting Features

Gem Accounts is full featured scalable cloud accounting software designed to meet the needs of most businesses. Gem Accounts is deployed, managed, and made accessible to users to maximise your financial productivity, security and data integrity.

Security & Data Integrity

The security of your data is of the utmost importance to us. In every step of the development of Gem we have factored in the different needs for security (physical & virtual) and for data integrity.


Gem is hosted in a world class Cloud environment which is accredited to PCI DSS, ISO27001, and ISAE 3402 Type II SOC 1 standards, ensuring our applications are secured by the best processes and technologies.

Gem is encrypted between the user on their PC or tablet and the server and is currently encrypted at the internet banking standard of 256 bit. However knowing that technology changes rapidly, we have written Gem to be capable of supporting newer types of encryption technology as they become available so that we can upgrade seamlessly and be there providing that additional security when available.

Data Integrity

Having world class physical and virtual security is essential, but how important is that if you can’t trust the data that is written to your database? Gem was built to be ACID compliant which essentially means that when you enter something into Gem it is guaranteed to be there. Believe it or not most leading accounting software systems are not ACID compliant. That means that there is a risk (no matter how small) that the data you have entered does not actually get into the database. This is a risk that is not tolerable to us and our clients.

Performance & Speed

Accounting software needs to be fast – so we made Gem Blazing fast.  We took our software knowledge and also learned from the mistakes of other Cloud Accounting systems and built Gem without the constraints that slow down the system or build in artificial transaction limits.

This was done with an architecture that includes full redundancy and load balancing - allowing front end web services to redirect your session to the database with the least traffic whilst retaining a 'hot' connection to another web service and database to seamlessly switch you across if the need arises.


We know that repetitive processes are often habit for bookkeepers & data entry staff, so we built in all the familiar tools like shortcut keys and logical tabbing between fields plus added in some new ones like creating recurring events for virtually any transaction type in the system to speed up day to day processes.


Gem is built for business in any country – whether it’s multi sites, multi currencies, multi language or multi everything - Gem does it all.

Many accounting software packages claim to work in multiple companies, so here are some of the points that will showcase Gem’s international flavour. Gem Supports:

  • IFRS & IAS compliance
  • 40 country specific Charts of Accounts (coming soon to your country)
  • Supports Australian and New Zealand GST, US GAAP, French GAAP and Swedish BAS
  • GIFI codes

Consolidate Reporting

Whether you have multiple offices in one country or multiple offices in multiple countries, Gem allows you to manage them and consolidate them all through the Gem Consolidation Portal.

Multi Currency

By default your local currency will be set for each entity for transactions, however you can choose to add as many other currencies as you would like for sales or purchases. Gem also allows for forward buying or hedging your currency transactions.

Multi Language

Gem is the world’s first truly multi language Cloud Accounting Software as it allows the choice of language to be decided by the individual user. So for example an office in Berlin in addition to German staff may have native French and Italian speakers as well. Each individual can access the same system but have it displayed in their language.

Gem supports all languages including Asian & Arabic character sets.

* As we expand into other countries, we are looking for people to help us with other languages.  Some clients have offered to translate the language file for us whilst others have reviewed/edited a language file translated from a professional translation company. If you would like to see a language included in Gem and can help, please contact us at


Gem is accessed and delivered over the Cloud providing all users the flexibility to operate from any device, anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection.

Stock & Inventory

Gem provides the ability to manage inventory including stock levels, stock values, and reorder times on a per item basis. This is a complete stock & inventory system with many added features only seen in dedicated Inventory software.

The Stock & Inventory modules in Gem include setting up of items to stock, sell and purchase. Four different types of items are available: Parts, Services, Assemblies, and Labor / Overheads. We support multiple pricing models including markup and fixed sell pricing along with a range of discounting options appliable to groups of customers or on a per customer basis.


Gem delivers a simplified payroll with infinitely configurable options to provide the flexibility you need to run payroll your way with your business complexity.

Within this infinitely configurable payroll Gem takes care of all your calculations and reporting requirements providing complete flexibility over the setup of:

  • definable pay periods
  • leave accruals
  • PAYE deductions
  • deductions and entitlements for pension & retirement plans (eg. superannuation, National Insurance, 401(k) etc),
  • daily, shift, site, hazardous environment allowances,


If you are regularly shipping freight, in Gem you can calculate the weight of a sales order from the items to be dispatched. Gem also caters for receiving, receipting, transferring and tracking freight movements.

Gem will also produce picking slips and dispatch slips for warehousing and distribution operations.


As a serious accounting solution Gem provides a comprehensive suite of standard reports that delivers the information you need, fast. A complete range of both financial and business reports are available which can all be configured to suit your requirements.

Audit Control

Gem comes complete with Full audit control including transaction reversal enforcement, book closing and audit trails - meets IFRS guidelines - and keeps your accountant/auditor happy.

Tablet Ready

Built using all the latest web technologies, your Gem system functions as completely on your tablet as it does on your desktop. So being out of the office no longer means that your accounting functions are on hold.

And with the granular control on user access, your mobile staff can access role specific functions in the field such as order taking or invoicing.


At Gem we are dedicated to ensuring your data is fully protected. That’s why we run fully mirrored & redundant systems which means that your data is never just in a single database. These multiple versions of your live database are also backed up every 24 hours and replicated into multiple backup silos to provide the ultimate in disaster recovery protection. 


Gem is the only Cloud accounting package that offers live chat support in addition to email/ticket support. All support issues are handled by trained bookkeepers and accountants so that we can answer your questions fast.

Gem also has a fully documented user guide to enable self learning and self help.