About Us

Gem Accounts has been designed from the ground up to deliver a fully featured, scalable Cloud Accounting Software system for Medium, Large and growing Small Businesses with all the features you would expect in a serious financial package at the price of a simple desktop package.


Businesses of all sizes and their Accountants now have the choice of a Cloud based Accounting Software solution designed for them and their needs.

Medium & Large businesses have been slow to adopt Cloud Accounting, in large due to the lack of options available. Typically Cloud Accounting Software is aimed at the Micro and Small Business space and have limitations in transaction volume, adequate audit controls, and don’t provide many of the features that many businesses would expect. These limitations are simply not acceptable for a medium or large business and also restricts the options for a small business that is growing rapidly. Those Cloud Accounting solutions that do target large businesses generally price themselves out of the market for medium business and growing small business.

“Gem Accounts was conceived out of the frustration of many medium businesses and accounting firms with their inability to cost effectively embrace the technology revolution of the cloud. Cloud Accounting products were either geared for the big end of town with extremely expensive solutions or were aimed at mum & dad businesses. There was nothing suitable for the mid tier.”

“At Gem we aren’t looking to compete with the existing Cloud Accounting packages already on the market, we are creating a new space for those businesses that don’t fit into the limitations of these existing packages. We believe it will deliver the opportunity for many companies to embrace Cloud Accounting for the first time and also to give growing companies already on these existing systems somewhere to move to. They may have hit the wall on system limitations or need the functionality of a complete Financial package ­ there are basic accounting functions missing in many Cloud accounting systems on the market right now.”

Gem is fast and functional for all sized businesses with all the features expected in a serious accounting system:

  • ­ Unlimited Transactions & Users
  • ­ Multi Currency
  • ­ Audit Control
  • ­ Full Stock & Inventory
  • ­ Integrated Payroll
  • ­ Consolidated Reporting
  • ­ Quick & Easy Migration from Other Software
  • ­ Full API for integration with third party software

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